The BacTracs Reverse Logistics SaaS

BacTracs is an on-demand Reverse Logistics Management System that allows distributors, manufacturers, 3PLs and Retailers to add profit by automating and dramatically improving product return processes, workflows and operations.


The BacTracs Reverse Logistics Management System is a specialty ERP and WMS focused on the complex workflows and needs of handling and processing returns


Bulk retail or end customer returns RMA or RA workflows


Item level workflows with real time visibility


Validate, inspect, test and repair for resale or return


Increase customer satisfaction, quickly convert to highest value returns


Reduce costs, protect your brand


Automated workflows to streamline processing and reduce labor costs


Real-time visibility on all activities and inventory


Turn inventory faster, manage activity for billing


Single project or multi-client setup


Easy integration with your existing WMS and client systems


Restock or refurbish quicker with item based automated workflows


Validate, inspect, credit, triage and restock with fewer touches


Inspect, Test, refurb, consolidate and restock quickly with custom workflows


Easy integration with your E-Commerce systems and your ERP


Real-time inventory visibility for faster recovery and higher resale


Powerful custom workflows for sorting, triage, consolidation


Reduce labor, speed up inventory turns


Build detailed manifests for resale visibility and higher resale recovery


Easy integration with ERP, WMS, 3PL partners and resale or auction partners


Here’s all the good stuff

Flexible, scalable, web-based architecture

Our web-based system is designed to provide an easy and convenient way for users to access and utilize the features and functions they need, regardless of their location, whether they are working at a corporate office or collaborating with third-party partners.

Data Organization

BacTracs streamlines RMA management by combining returns inventory, inspection, testing, refurbishing, and repair into one process, handling return scenarios from end users, dealers, distributors, and VARs. Monitor progress and results, including measuring average time RMAs are open and how many returned products were defective.

Flexible Configuration

Handles Regular, Cross Ship, Credit, Ship Only and Return for Repair RMA types involving End Users, Distributors, Dealers and VARs in a multi-product, multi-quantity environment. BacTracs can easily be adapted to your needs!

Advanced Reporting

Provides visibility and advance information about incoming returns, allowing employees to quickly determine the next steps, identify reasons for product returns, track trends, plan for proper staffing and streamline processes, and monitor progress and results such as measuring average time RMAs are open and the number of returned products that were defective.

BacTracs Reverse Logistics Management - Components



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Paul Headshot

Paul Rupnow

Founder and CEO of BacTracs
Reverse Logistics Operations and Systems Specialist

Your Reverse Logistics Professional

Paul has over 20 years of experience as a Reverse Logistics operations and systems specialist and has worked with numerous companies to review, analyze and improve reverse logistics processes.

Skilled at detailed analysis of Reverse Logistics processes, Paul works directly with software developers to create, design and build reverse logistics processing and management software to automate and improve and manage RMA, Receiving, Sorting, Triage, Inspections, Test, Repair, Refurbishment, Disposition, Inventory, Integration with ERPs and partners, Visibility, Business Intelligence, Alerts and KPI's for Reverse Logistics operations success, cost reduction and to maximize returned asset value recovery.